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Creating Excellent Experiences

What to Expect When Working with an Employment Agency

If you’ve never worked with a job placement company like Dawson before, we know you probably have questions about what to expect before, during, and after your initial interview. This should help.

The basics of the Dawson process:

  1. You apply for a specific job or send us a general application through a job web site, LinkedIn, or
  2. A Dawson Recruiter will call or schedule a time to discuss your skills, employment history, and what you’re looking for in your job search.
  3. Once you and your Dawson Recruiter determine you are a good fit for our hiring partners, we’ll schedule an in-person interview at the Dawson hiring office most convenient to you. (Each in-person interview is a little bit different – see more on that below).
  4. From there, your Dawson Recruiter sort of becomes your “agent” – presenting you to employers and coordinating schedules, coaching you through interviews, and providing personalized service throughout your job search. We take a lot of the stress commonly associated with the interview process off of your shoulders!

Do you already have an interview with Dawson scheduled? We can’t wait to meet you!

Here’s what to bring to your interview to avoid multiple trips to our office:

  • 2 printed copies of your resumé
    (We’ll give you tips to improve yours during your interview, so you can take a marked up copy home to make changes)
  • Any other materials you’d like to share that give us a better idea of your skills and work history (portfolio, writing samples, etc.)
  • 2 forms of government-issued ID (driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate) or your unexpired passport

Depending on the job, your specific skill set, and any other requirements for specific employers, your Recruiter may also have you:

  • Complete computerized skills assessments (Microsoft Office, typing, writing tests, etc.)
  • Perform an on-site drug screen, producing instant results
  • Record a TalentRooster video interview, a short video that gives us a unique way to quickly introduce you to potential employers
  • Authorize a secure background check

Remember, these are general expectations for interviews. Depending on your area of expertise and the jobs you’re interested in, your experience may be a little different. Contact your Recruiter with any specific questions you have about your upcoming appointment.