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Community Workforce Programs

We put the Columbus Region to work with employment opportunities, educational programs, and career guidance for job seekers of today and tomorrow.

Of all the work Dawson does to give back, we are most proud of the programs we've designed – in conjunction with Central Ohio schools and youth serving organizations – to reach high school and college students, their parents, and community job seekers.

These programs create a stronger talent pool for Dawson's Recruiters and hiring partners in the Columbus Region. Employees sourced through these programs are already dedicated to personal growth, career development, and becoming more productive citizens.

For High School Students

Faculty Education helps teachers and counselors provide the best guidance for students as they prepare for their post-secondary lives.

Student Presentations educate high school students on their options and teach them the basics of their first job search.

Mock Interviews give students the opportunity to practice their interview skills without the pressure of an actual interview setting.

Shadow Days introduce students to a variety of vocations so they can better determine their work interests.

Internships and Mentorships give students the opportunity to define their interests and skills in real-world job settings.

Senior Socials deliver job seeking and other preparatory information to graduates along with treats from the Dawson Bus.

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For College Students

We connect college students with jobs at the Columbus Region’s top employers, so they can earn a paycheck while completing their education. And thanks to Dawson's Career Kickstart Tuition Reimbursement Program, working students can also earn extra compensation at the end of each semester with $500 in tuition reimbursement.


For Parents and Community Job Seekers

We create Community Career Nights and other events that provide career guidance to parents, community members, and passive job seekers in an environment more casual than the traditional application or interview process.

Dawson works with companies and community organizations to develop Career Development Education programs like training webinars or classes for their employees or members.

Community Workforce Partners


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