3 Step Guide to Your Best Phone Interview

Phone Interview

As in-person interviews become less frequent due to social distancing, becoming well versed in virtual and phone interviews is incredibly important to those in the middle of their job search. While it may seem that a phone interview requires less preparation compared to in-person, there are crucial things to know before answering hiring managers’ calls. […]

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Top 5 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Virtual Interview

Virtual Interview

As companies continue to adapt to the changing COVID-19 working environments, the way hiring managers are conducting interviews is changing as well. More interviews are taking place on virtual platforms such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. While the way we interview is changing, proper preparation remains a crucial step in the interviewing process. So, before you […]

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Career Kickstart Program Strengthens Central Ohio Workforce

As spring quarter ends for colleges and universities, Dawson’s tuition reimbursement climbed to $16,000 for a total of 14 students. Dawson’s Community Workforce program, Career Kickstart, offers college students the opportunity to work with the Columbus region’s top employers and earn an additional $500 in tuition reimbursement each semester.   “My experience with Dawson and […]

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