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How to Make Your Commute More Enjoyable

February in Ohio is a month of slushy roads, damp days, and frozen-shut car doors. It’s not what we’d call “driving weather.” But many Ohioans are still commuting to and from work, so let’s make that drive a little more enjoyable with a few recommendations from Dawson Colleagues.



Our Colleagues' favorite genre is overwhelmingly true crime. Notable picks include Crime Junkie and Unexplained, both of which are available on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Podcasts.

If true crime isn’t your thing, you can opt to boost your productivity with a dose of informative content, instead. Planet Money from NPR or The Daily from the New York Times have plenty of content to keep you listening. Each episode ranges from 15-30 minutes in length, making it a great choice to get you in the loop on the latest goings on between home and the office.

Audio Books

Listening to an audio book is a fantastic option for longer commutes or anyone who enjoys a bit more continuity in their listening content. According to repeated Gallup polls, Americans are reading approximately six fewer books per year than at the turn of the century. We’re missing out. When your schedule is so busy your head spins, of course it’s hard to find time to read, but an audio book still counts! Recently “read” by a Colleague is five-star rated “The Body Keeps Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma” by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and read by Sean Pratt.

On our home office bookshelf, you’ll find “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, which you can also find read by Andrew MacMillan on Audible. It currently boasts over 87,000 reviews averaging 4.5 stars on the platform and is widely recognized as a must-read by professionals in every industry.

Music, of course


Amazon Music and Spotify have curated playlists for all musical tastes, but one Colleague suggested building your own personal playlist each month. Make a project of it on your lunch break for a few days and you’ll end up with a no-skip playlist that can track your evolving music tastes from month to month.

But if variety is what you seek, there’s always the Top Hits charts. Amazon Music offers a playlist of Top Songs in Prime, which can range from catchy Disney tunes to the latest in Country. Spotify’s Global Top 50 has even more diversity of artists and genre, so it’ll probably show you at least one song you might not have otherwise heard.


Perhaps the most wholesome Colleague suggestion for occupying your commute is to call your mom (hands-free on speaker or Bluetooth, of course). Talking with a loved one is something we could all probably do a little more of. Why not start your day by hearing what someone else’s day will hold or by catching up on the way home? February is synonymous with celebrating those we love. A quick chat is probably the easiest way to show you care, even after the 14th. Not to mention, having a work-life balance is crucial to showing yourself some love, too.