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What Dawson Recruiters Can Do for You

Dawson is a full-service workforce solutions company that serves the businesses and people of Central Ohio. We place job seekers in direct-hire, temp-to-hire, and contract roles in many different industries. The best part? Anyone can utilize our services. When you apply for a job through Dawson or reach out directly to one of our amazing recruiters, we start working to make the best professional match for you!


So, what is it that Dawson recruiters can do for you?

Job hunting can be incredibly challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. When you apply to a position listed on our Job Board or through LinkedIn, your resume goes to a real person and not just into the void. From there, we will review your skills and experiences to see if you’re a match for the position you applied to, or any of the other positions that we’re actively recruiting for. Now, you have a workforce pro that’s helping you find the work you want.

Dawson has positions available in numerous industries, including Office, Customer Service, Warehouse and Distribution, Marketing and Creative, IT, and Legal. Our recruiters have real experience in the industries that they recruit for, too.

We can even keep in touch! You’re welcome to call or email to check on the status of an application, but we’ll always hang on to your resume and keep an eye out for future opportunities that you’d enjoy. All applicants should feel free to contact their recruiter and maintain an open dialogue, ask for resume pointers, or feedback on interviews.

Dawson can help you find new work, change industries, or rejoin the workforce. No matter your employment needs or your experience level, we’ve got you covered. Dawson also regularly hosts hiring events in communities across Central Ohio, where our partnered employers interview an hire on the spot.

To take advantage of all of Dawson’s resources, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and reach out to our recruiters today.