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A Guide to Your Best Phone Interview

Phone Interview

As in-person interviews become less frequent due to social distancing, becoming well versed in virtual and phone interviews is incredibly important to those in the middle of their job search. While it may seem that a phone interview requires less preparation compared to in-person, there are crucial things to know before answering a hiring manager's call.


Before any interview, be sure to take time to research the company and the role you are applying for beyond the published job description. Review the company website to get an understanding of their mission, services, client base, and culture. Being knowledgeable of the company conveys your interest in being hired on at the company.


Prepare Yourself

When doing a phone interview, you have the benefit of having resources readily available to reference. Use this to your advantage! Have a copy of your resume, notes from your research, and questions for your interviewer handy. Proper preparation will increase your confidence and help the interview go smoothly.


Be Aware of the Difference

Understanding the difference between a phone screen and a phone interview is crucial as it will determine what you should expect and how best to prepare. A phone screen is an initial step in the overall interviewing process. It helps narrow down the applicant pool and provides the interviewer with the opportunity to expand on the role and the company. Phone screens typically take place with recruiters or members of the talent acquisition team.

Phone interviews, on the other hand, are longer and more in-depth. You may be speaking with future supervisors or team members. During your phone interview, you should come prepared with questions to ask your prospective employer. This conversation should leave you with a better understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities of the position as well as the team dynamic and company culture. 

With these suggestions, you’re sure to have a successful phone interview! But what happens after the interview? Check out our tips on writing thank you cards that will set you apart from the competition!