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Clean Up Your Social Media Story


Do your #selfies tell your potential employer what you want them to?

Hiring managers often take the time to go through applicants’ social media profiles, and in some cases, what is on there can be a decisive factor when making a hiring decision. So, before you start applying for your dream job, check out these social media tips to ensure your profiles are cleaned up and professional.

  • Remove any and all incriminating photos of yourself and inappropriate or angry posts from your profiles.
    • If you have anything on your profile that is questionable or unprofessional, take the time to go through and delete it from the public view.
  • If your social media accounts are not already set to private, make that change as soon as possible. This way you have control over who is following you and who is viewing content that involves you.
  • Deactivate any old social media accounts, even if you haven’t been active on them in years, it is best to just delete them altogether.
  • When adding photos to your social media accounts, post with caution.
  • Google yourself to ensure that you have removed anything you would not want a hiring manager to see.