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LinkedIn 101: How to Create an Effective Profile

After you’ve cleaned up your personal social media, make sure your LinkedIn profile is ready to help you land a job.

Remember, while your resumé and LinkedIn profile will contain a lot of the same information, the way they are reviewed by Recruiters is very different. Keep this in mind as you update your LinkedIn profile.

5 Tips for Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile

1 – Check all your contact information

Make sure that the email address on your profile is one you check regularly and make sure to add your phone number so recruiters have multiple options to contact you.

Bonus tip: Check your voice messages and return recruiters’ calls – it’s easy to miss calls when texting is your primary form of communication.

2 – Add a professional photo to your profile

Don’t use just any photo from your camera roll – select a photo that presents you as a young professional. You might even search for professional photographers who offer affordable headshots.

3 – Select skills to highlight

Research suggests that job seekers who utilize LinkedIn’s skills feature have 17x more profile views and receive 33x more messages from recruiters. Add transferrable skills from college activities or part-time work to your profile.

4 – Use keywords

Recruiters often search for applicants based on keywords. A great place to start is with job descriptions themselves: find a few jobs that interest you and make sure your profile includes common words shared throughout their descriptions.

5 – Proofread, edit, and proofread some more

Just like your resume, one error on your LinkedIn profile could stand out to an employer and automatically disqualify you. (Bonus tip: Type your profile into a word processor to utilize their grammar and spell check features and paste it into your profile.)